Brides and grooms spend weeks, months and sometimes over a year to create the perfect wedding complete with the most amazing decorations, the perfect gown and unforgettable wedding traditions. However, as perfect as the day is, memories fade and a few years later you will not be able to remember many of the details of your wedding day. One of the main things brides and bride grooms focus on in their wedding planning is coming up with new and innovative ways to preserve their wedding day memories alongside the traditional ones such as customary wedding photography and wedding videography.

Traditional preserving of wedding memories

No matter how much technology advances, customary wedding photography is a must for every wedding day. This said however, with the advances in technology the cameras used by professional photographers have become more advanced in quality and ability to take long distance imagery. You may have these professional pictures enlarged and printed with a pure white border and a thick black frame in order to give it some elegance. You may purchase some picture hanging hardware for you to be able to hang your wedding pictures up on your wall. Before you do so however, consider painting your picture wall in a colour that contrasts with the rest of your house to make sure it stands out. This could be either white or a dark colour such as dark blue or dark purple.

If you are building your house brand new, then you might find that your builders or contractors have their own picture hanging hardware that they will be able to use when building the walls. Using their tools and hardware is likely to save you quit a bit of money over hiring them.

New methods of preserving your memories

With the advent of technology there are a lot of new ways that you will be able to store and display your memories. Modern printing methods will allow you to print a three dimensional picture of you and your groom that you will be able to use as an ornament. In addition to this, you may purchase a number of digital picture frames which you have on your fridge, your mantel piece or on your bedside table. A digital photo frame is similar to an LED television screen where you will be able to enter a number of images that will play on a loop. This way you will not have to limit yourself to one or two images. Unlike traditional images, pictures on digital images will not face and will last you a lifetime.